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PPF Installation Studio, Cambridgeshire

LD Luxury Detailing offers premium Paint Protection Film (PPF) installation in Littleport, Ely, Cambridgeshire. PPF safeguards your vehicle’s exterior from stone chips, road debris, scratches, swirl marks, insect damage, and abrasion, keeping your vehicle paintwork pristine and enhancing its resale value.

Our PPF is designed to be transparent, providing an optically clear protective layer. It incorporates the latest self-healing topcoat technology, automatically repairing minor abrasions like swirl marks and fine scratches. Our PPF film doesn’t require any heating, even in temperatures as low as -20 degrees C. For customers seeking a matte finish, we also offer Stealth (matte) film options that can match “frozen” colors or transform a gloss finish into matte.

Experienced PPF Installation Technicians

At LD Luxury Detailing, we take pride in our highly experienced team, dedicated to delivering flawless PPF installations. We ensure that every panel is wrapped precisely, including edges, for complete coverage and protection. To achieve this level of accuracy, we utilise industry-leading in-house plotting equipment and 3D scanned patterns. Our staff undergo regular training to stay up-to-date with the latest PPF materials and application techniques, guaranteeing that we remain at the forefront of the Paint Protection Film industry.


What areas can you protect with PPF?

PPF is a versatile product that can be professionally applied to any non-textured exterior painted surface, including gloss black trims. We offer all levels of coverage to suit your vehicle’s requirements, from full coverage to a cargo boot protector.


Full Frontal

Front bumper, bonnet, front wings, headlights and wing mirrors


Track Pack

Front bumper, bonnet, front wings, headlights, wing mirrors, a pillars, side skirts and lower rear quarter.


Full Coverage

Full car coverage, all painted areas

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