Nano-Titanium Glass Coating (very hard coating)

A new formula coating that combines the best advantages of the original Pure Liquid Glass coatings and highest quality nano-grade titanium. This combination creates a deeper shine and better reflections on the paint. A significantly prolonged working time also allows easier and safer application.

The inorganic nature of the coating makes it fully resistant to oxidation. The hard physical barrier it creates also prevents paint from coming into contact with air and acts as a anti-scratch protectant.

5 to 7 years protection - £450
mod bc-04-.png

Advanced Water-repellent Glass Coating

Modesta BC-05 is a unique glass coating based on a three-dimensional molecular frame. It forms a highly durable clear hard glass layer on automotive paints.

BC-05 produces a deep shine and helps to protect the paint from all kinds of damage including wash-induced damages, scratches, oxidation, sap, watermarks, salts, acids and even permanent ink and paints. It's strong water-repellent properties also promote the self-cleaning effects.

Used stand-alone as a sealant, BC-05 produces an unique kind of gloss called the "candy-like" gloss. If combined with the P-01A primer this effect is even deeper as the layers of both products are combined to a single coat.

The coating also reduces drag by 5 km/h compared to regular paint at speeds over 60 km/h (drag coefficient: -0.02). It can be applied even to the most advanced and sophisticated paints, such as Nissan Scratch Shield, Lexus' self-restoring coat and Mercedes ceramic paint.

​5 to 7 year coating - £450
 mod bc-05-the-car-carer_orig.png

Neosillica Matrix Coating

is the perfect coating on daily driven vehicles. Traces of zirconium create great shine and luster on the paint while it's three dimensional matrix ensures excellent water repellency and self cleaning. The coating's thick layer acts as a self scarifying barrier to protect the finish of the vehicle from scratches and marring as well as adverse environmental effects.

3 to 5 years - £250
mod bc-08-the-carcarer_orig.png
BC-04 topped with BC-05

The Ultimate coating combining Modesta BC-04 with Modesta BC-05

This is truly the pinnacle of coating protection, it combines the insane hardness of BC-04 with the candy like gloss of BC-05

10 year coating - £750
mod bc-04-.png
 mod bc-05-the-car-carer_orig.png