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New car Detail

From day one a vehicle should look the best it can and have the best start to its life possible, even from factory manufactures do not have the timescales to ‘perfect’ every car so there usually are still defects from when the vehicle is brand new. You often hear ‘it’s brand new, it shouldn’t need polishing’. Unfortunately most new cars do pick up all types of different defects before they even reach the customer. As the car is shipped from factory to the dealership it will be handled by various people doing multiple checks and will usually get a prep wash before hand over day. This is usually where the damage occurs due to being stored outside, poor wash techniques and harsh chemicals, along with all the defects left from the factory the vehicle is far from its best when handed over to the customer.


Although you’re likely to be offered the in-house ‘paint protection packages’ with “5 years protection”, “no more polishing” and other such big claims, in reality, they offer poor value for money (packages such as GuardX, DiamondBrite, LifeShine ect.) These products are usually applied with no real prep and done within hours meaning you’ll be lucky to get 2 months out of them.


Our new car detail takes around 2+ days (not 2 hours!) As standard every car has a single stage machine polish to take out any defects leaving a perfect surface for the protection to be put in place. The paint protection packages we offer are state of the art and will offer great protection and will last all year round. We also have various other protection packages such as glass, leather and fabric.


There’s no better way to protect your investment and have it looking its best. If you have a new car on order and are interested in this service feel free to get in touch with us via the contact page.

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Full Process 
  • Power rinse

  • Door, boot shuts & wheel arches flushed out and cleaned

  • Wheels cleaned – face, inner barrel and tyres

  • Pre wash snow foam to lift surface dirt, soft brush used around areas wash pad won’t reach

  • Safe two-bucket wash and grit guard system used with a microfiber wash pad & PH Neutral shampoo

  • Tar remover used to dissolve any road tar on paintwork

  • Fallout remover used on bodywork to dissolve iron particles and road contamination

  • All panels clay barred to lift any remaining contamination off paintwork

  • Second round of snow foam applied to make sure any left over chemicals are rinsed off

  • Hand dried using ‘deep pile’ microfiber towel

  • Blown dry to remove trapped water and eliminate drips

  • Single Stage Machine polish with the Rupes system to remove light swirls and marring enhancing vehicles paintwork

  • IPA wipe down to remove any remaining polish oils to reveal true correction ready for coatings

  • *Ceramic coating applied (different level of protection available)

  • Vehicle badges/grills hand polished using a all in one cleaner and polish

  • Exterior windows cleaned & Ceramic coated

  • Exhaust tips cleaned & polished

  • Tyres dressed

Time taken: 2-3 Days


From £400

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