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Major Correction Detail

A multi-stage stage machine polish with localised correction where needed, this means areas that require more attention will be focused on to achieve true paintwork perfection (i.e. random deep scratches, bird etchings, body shop buffer trails and sanding marks) Although 100% defect free isn’t always possible depending on if the defect has gone through the clear coat, we will try to get as close as possible.


For vehicles that need a new lease of life and/or customers who want as close to paintwork perfection as possible for their pride and joy. This service is guaranteed to transform your vehicle.

Photo 18-04-2019, 13 16 48.jpg
Photo 14-10-2019, 11 40 04.jpg
Photo 02-08-2020, 11 11 36.jpg
Full Process 
  • Power rinse

  • Door and boot shuts flushed out and cleaned

  • Wheels washed – face, inner barrel and tyres

  • Pre wash snow foam to lift surface dirt, soft brush used around areas wash pad won’t reach

  • Power rinse

  • Safe two-bucket wash and grit guard system used with a microfibre wash pad & PH Neutral shampoo

  • Tar remover used to dissolve any road tar on paintwork

  • Fallout remover used on bodywork to dissolve iron particles and road contamination

  • All panels clay barred to lift any remaining contamination off paintwork

  • Second round of snow foam applied to make sure any left over chemicals are rinsed off

  • Hand dried using ‘deep pile’ microfibre towel

  • Blown dry to remove trapped water and eliminate drips

  • All panels clay barred to lift any remaining contamination off paintwork

  • Wax sealant applied to face of all wheels

  • Dedicated deep scratch removal process

  • High cutting compound used with the Rupes system to remove scratches, sanding marks and heavy swirl marks, this step is carried out as many time as needs be to achieve as close to 100% clarity as possible

  • Finishing polish used to refine paintwork bringing maximum gloss and clarity

  • IPA wipe down to remove any remaining polish oils to reveal true correction ready for coatings

  • *Ceramic coating applied (different level of protection available)

  • Vehicle badges/grills hand polished using a all in one cleaner and polish

  • Exterior windows cleaned & Ceramic coated

  • Exhaust tips cleaned & polished

  • Tyres dressed

Time taken: 5 Days


From £POA

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