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Enhancement Detail

Great for vehicles that don’t require a full paint correction, designed to enhance a vehicle's appearance by using a single stage to bring gloss back without chasing out deeper defects. Using a fine abrasive polish with foam pad this aims to take light swirls and wash marring out bringing back lost clarity to the paintwork. Perfect for someone who is new to paint correction and is working with a budget in mind.

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Full Process 
  • Power rinse

  • Door, boot shuts & wheel arches flushed out and cleaned

  • Wheels cleaned – face, inner barrel and tyres

  • Pre wash snow foam to lift surface dirt, soft brush used around areas wash pad won’t reach

  • Safe two-bucket wash and grit guard system used with a microfibre wash pad & PH Neutral shampoo

  • Tar remover used to dissolve any road tar on paintwork

  • Fallout remover used on bodywork to dissolve iron particles and road contamination

  • All panels clay barred to lift any remaining contamination off paintwork

  • Second round of snow foam applied to make sure any left over chemicals are rinsed off

  • Hand dried using ‘deep pile’ microfibre towel

  • Blown dry to remove trapped water and eliminate drips

  • Single Stage Machine polish with the Rupes system to remove light swirls and marring enhancing vehicles paintwork

  • Vehicle badges hand polished using a all in one cleaner and polish

  • Exterior windows cleaned & coated

  • Wax sealant applied to face of all wheels

  • Tyres dressed

  • Exhaust tips cleaned & polished

  • Entry Level sealant applied to paintwork

Time taken: 2+ Days


From £400

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